Blog Breakdown

Often I’ve tried to start a blog with a targeted focus; relationships, travel, personal thoughts — you name it, I’ve blogged about it.

But as I shift from post-grad to bonafide adult, my interests shift along with it. Rather than start a new blog every time I take up a new hobby (and feel the urge to write about it), I’m aiming to keep consistent categories on this blog that make it easy to follow and easier to stick with long term.

Here’s a rundown of the categories (so far):

DomestiKAITed: Much like every other 20-something female in the U.S., Pinterest has me going crazy with culinary and decor ideas. I’m not a classically trained chef and I live in an on-campus apartment that I can’t paint, but when an at-home project warrants a post, you’ll find it in this category.

Hudson Valley Bucket List (HVBL): For my senior capstone project in college, I created the often-imitated but never-duplicated “Kicking the [Marist] Bucket.” Essentially it was a blog chronicling my adventures in Hudson Valley exploration; crossing things off my college “bucket list,” if you will. I missed a lot when rushing to complete this project, and now my tastes are even more refined, so the HVBL is my post-grad continuation of my wonderful capping project.

Musings: Every personal blog needs some personal information, yes? I’m not one to complain via social media, so you likely won’t read any “Woe is me” posts or any type of first-world complaints. Rather, I’ll talk about sunglasses, birthday parties, and the beauty of life in general.

Wanderlust: Sometimes I venture outside of the Hudson Valley and have so much fun I just have to blog about it. You’ll find my travel posts in the wanderlust category, along with the tears over my drained bank account.

Web Roundup: Much like larger, corporation-backed blogs, I’ll post links to some of the stories I’ve been reading from various sites around the. Occasionally you may find my witty introductions funny; on other occasions, I may roundup some of the stuff I’ve been writing and share it for your reading pleasure.


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